Ice Dam Removal

At Element Exteriors, we understand roofing and shingles as we’ve replaced and repaired hundreds of roofs in the Stillwater and Hudson/New Richmond areas past three years and have built an excellent reputation in these communities. We’ve taken that knowledge and expertise and brought it to our Ice Dam Removal division, utilizing the finest equipment available on the market.

We use state-of-the-art equipment that is gentle to your roof and shingles. Our Arctic Steamer is different from other ice dam removal solutions as it uses a low-pressure application for safe, effective melting and is gentle to your roof and shingles.

Using chisels, chemicals, salt, or pressure washers will often cause damage to shingles and roofs, and are best suited for melting ice from sidewalks and parking lots. Our equipment uses high temperature water that flashes into gentle steam in a pattern that quickly cuts solid ice. The Arctic Steamer provides effective ice dam melting results that are safer for homes and businesses.

Please call us any time for a free quote and we’ll come out to inspect your home and offer the best pricing possible. We can be reached at (651) 342-0183.

  • No hammers
  • No chlorine
  • Complete ice removal


“I was impressed with how smooth our roofing project went. I actually enjoyed working with Jeff Baily. He was very professional and responsive to any questions or concerns I had. I would (and HAVE) recommended Element Exteriors!!!”

-Perry P.

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