Gutter and Window Services


K style 5” Gutters:  These 5” gutters have a super clean look, and do a great job funneling that water away from your foundation to ensure your basement always stays dry, and your foundation remains intact.

K style 6” Gutters:  These 6” gutters have the same great look, but is the preferred option for roofs that shed a lot of water to one area.  Combine this larger gutter with our large downspouts, and you have an ideal system ready to go and get that water directed where you want it.

Gutter Covers:  If you don’t like to clean your gutters this is the option for you!  We offer a leaf free gutter cover that keeps out all the large debris, so you don’t have to crawl up on a ladder twice a year to keep those gutters clean and working properly.


Replacement Windows:  This is an insert style window.  This style only involves replacing the window itself, but the old frame must be in good condition. This is a great option to dress up your home without having to touch up your siding.

New construction windows:  This is your highest quality option, but does require us to remove and replace the siding around your window.  This is the best option with frames that are rotten or just need replacing.  While this option is less cost effective on the front end, you will definitely see the benefits when it comes time to sell.

“John and Element Exteriors did excellent work on our garage and were great to work with. They completely rebuilt the exterior of our old, run-down garage making it feel new and usable again. They installed new siding and sheathing, new windows and door, and even repaired some structural damage. We appreciated the professional, yet personal working relationship and are very happy with the results.”

-Lois S.

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